Dead Sled Morgue 1962 Superior Crown 3 Way

This 1962 hearse lived all its life in California ’til I got my hands on it. It originally was sold new in Bakersfield, CA. I purchased from a guy that had it for about six years. When he found the car, it always intrigued me, so when the opportunity came up to be able to buy it, I jumped.

This car is another car that had not really been driven much in 20 some years, so I went after fixing and freshening up all the mechanical stuff. It has gotten all new stainless brake lines and I replaced all the brake components, fluids etc.

I have been enjoying driving it kind of as my rat hearse. I do plan on redoing this car in the future. I am just on the fence if I will customize this car or keep it more as a stock looking car. Time will tell.