Dead Sled Morgue 1949 Ambulance

This is a 1949 S&S ambulance. It is the car that lead me down this crazy road of professional car love. It was the first pro car that I purchased. It was a learning lesson on the fact at how crazy rare and tough it is to get parts for these cars. The car had the Interior gutted out of it, so I started to put my own custom interior in it. This was a great running car with a rebuilt 331 and a Richmond 5-speed manual trans, and switched over to 12 volt. It was all painted up and pinstriped by Jeff “the Reverend” Williams at The King of Paint. It was done up in paint work to help promote and represent my “Waterford Hoodlums” car club. I sold the car and it is in good hands living down south right now and is driven every day.