Dead Sled Morgue 1948 Miller Hearse

This car came from Mexico to Texas. I have found and talked to about 4-5 of the previous owners. It was found in Mexico with the shed collapsed on it for some time. The water was running down on it in the front, mother nature then rusted out the hood and the front frame some. The guy who rescued the car put a 93 gm rear wheel drive front frame stub on it and a later model rear end. He drove it for a while and then traded it off because he did not have the funds to do the body and interior. It went through a few other owners. One of them was a member of the “locos Gringo’s” band; they were known for having hearses. After talking to a few of the owners, most said they did not have the funds or skills to do the body work and interior.

I purchased the car about three years ago for my wife to drive. It was shipped to me one cold February from Texas. Not realizing that there was only water running in the engine, the motor froze up on the way here, cracked the block and popped a few freeze plugs. So now I had nothing but a dead horse 7,000 lb. push toy. I had to find a replacement engine. I went through the new one and added a cam and freshened it up. After inspecting the car, I did not like the motor mounts, or steering, etc. so I decided I was going to completely redo this car. I’m 2 1/2 years in on the rebuild. I have installed air ride up front and still have to do the rear yet. We have acid dipped to bare metal all the unbolting panels, redid all the body work, and re-plated most of the chrome on the car. I had to purchase two parts car donors to get the parts I needed to get this car complete again.

Future plan for the car is to paint the car satin black. We have been getting the interior redone in two-tone purple crushed velour interior. Interior moldings will be painted metal flake candy purple to match the interior fabric. Fingers crossed it will be done and back on the road next year.