Dead Sled Morgue 1935 Oldsmobile Cunningham Hearse

This 1934 Cunningham hearse was found on a rancher’s property in the mountains of Colorado. It was purchased by the previous owner in 1970 and quickly put out to pasture.

The car has some unusual construction as the coach body is made of aluminum. All the body structure is oak wood frame work. A lot of that wood was rotted due to the years of water running into it so a new wood structure is being built. All the doors are done now and it’s at the stage where some of the main body structure is being rebuilt.

When the body is done, the plan is to put a newer drive line into the car to make it more driving friendly. At this time, I do not plan on painting the body. Just redo the interior and the mechanical stuff and drive it the way it is – Patina Baby!