George and Ringo Mini Shrunken Heads


Here we have the George and Ringo Shrunken Heads. The reason we are calling them George and Ringo is because Ringo looks like he has a mod bangs haircut.

Both are made from vinyl so you dont have to worry about moisturizing their lovely skin (eeeew!!)

George is sized at 3 inches tall with a part in his hair. The witch doctor used black cord to bind his mouth closed  He has a string coming from the top of his head so you can hang him from your rear view mirror, light at home or whatever.

Ringo mouth binding was done in white/tan and he’s sporting that cool mod bangin haircut. Being slightly larger at 5″ hanging from the mirror he will make that soccer-mom minivan really stand out making it the baddest ass ride in the school or church parking lot.

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Vinyl Head

George 3", Ringo 5"