Frankenstein by P’Gosh Shift Knob


P’Gosh captures the Frankenstein smile in way not unlike da Vinci did Mona Lisa’s.

Except Frankenstein’s is now available in paintable white resin, crystal red resin or crystal green resin shift knob.

You can drill it, tap it or insert it – and paint to your desire.

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All shifter knobs come unpainted and must be drilled and tapped or use insert. Comes unpainted.

  • CLEANING – Before using, parts must be washed off with soap (Westley’s Blech-Wite white wall cleaner), and alcohol to remove mold release.
  • BODY WORK – After cleaning, the parts may be sanded, filled or drilled. Small imperfections or air bubbles can be filled with Super Glue or 5 minute epoxy.
  • PAINTING – Primer coats of automotive primer are recommended on all parts before painting. Hobby paints, enamel and automotive lacquers work fine for finishing coats.
  • STRIPPING PAINT – Some paint strippers may damage the resin parts, test a small area first. You may use lacquer thinner, Easy-Off oven cleaner and some brake fluids.

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Resin Color

Paintable White Resin, Crystal Red Resin, Crystal Green Resin