’59 Caddy Miller Meteor Hearse Conversion Kit – Resin


’59 Caddy Miller Meteor Hearse Conversion Kit – Resin

Body only

Use AMT Ghostbuster kit to complete


Working with Resin and Pewter Kits and Conversions

  • CLEANING – Before using, parts must be washed off with soap (Westley’s Blech-Wite white wall cleaner), and alcohol to remove mold release.
  • WARPING – If part is warped or bent, use hot (NOT BOILING) water to help pull it back into shape. Then use cold water for it to “take set” as you would with a plastic kit.
  • BODY WORK – After cleaning, the parts may be sanded, filled or drilled. Small imperfections or air bubbles can be filled with Super Glue or 5 minute epoxy.
  • PAINTING – Primer coats of automotive primer are recommended on all parts before painting. Hobby paints, enamel and automotive lacquers work fine for finishing coats.
  • STRIPPING PAINT – Some paint strippers may damage the resin parts, test a small area first. You may use lacquer thinner, Easy-Off oven cleaner and some brake fluids.
  • GLUING – use Super Glue or 5 minutes epoxy.
  • PHOTO-ETCH – Cut off the tree with a sharp scissors.
  • PEWTER – Can be buffed with steel wool, fine grit sandpaper, polished with chrome polish. Seal surface with clear coat.
  • WINDOWS – Trim carefully with scissors.

Always use respirator dust mask when sanding resin parts.


All kits and conversions on this website come UNPAINTED & ARE NOT ASSEMBLED